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Bext Expands Space-Efficient FM Line

Bext Expands Space-Efficient FM Line

Bext announced several new products this month.
The new FLX FM Series is a line of integrated FM transmitters that include built-in stereo generators and audio limiters, and that occupy 2RU.
Each power level can be purchased for use as an amplifier, and an exciter section can be inserted later as needed. Front-panel USB ports allow computer interface for remote control and status reporting capability. These are available in FM power levels of 350, 650, 1000 and 1300 watts; units can be combined to achieve up to 20 kW.
Also new is the FLX 5000, a compact FM transmitter that fits into 12RU. The company also touts it for its low heat production. Dual/redundant exciters with autochangeover are available as an option.
Bext has also updated its Lex 30 line and added the Lex 50 and Lex 100, which it calls the first 100-watt FM transmitter/exciter to fit into one rack space.
At its booth at the recent NAB show, Bext also demo’ed the new FMeXtra Digital Technology for airing multiple digital signals over the analog carrier.