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BIA Offers Radio Investing Guide

BIA Offers Radio Investing Guide

The BIA Financial Network has released its first quarterly edition of the Investing in Radio Market Report and Investing in Radio Ownership File for 2001. The reference guides summarize estimated station and market revenues for 2001, Arbitron 12+ total day shares and other statistics.
Investing in Radio 2001 profiles 238 markets with gross estimates totaling more than $12.8 billion. In this update the Arbitron market rankings were adjusted and five new markets were added in New York, Arizona, Tennessee-Kentucky, and Utah. The combined estimated population of all the markets is 226.8 million people, or 82.8% of the 1999 U.S. population. Revenue estimates are provided for 5,000 individual stations as well as a market total for each of the markets.
The Investing in Radio 2001 Ownership File highlights 1,834 station owners who collectively own 8,000 radio stations in Arbitron-rated markets.