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Bouvard Will Pitch PPM to U.S. Market

Bouvard Will Pitch PPM to U.S. Market

The PPM has a new point man.
Looking to enhance acceptance of its long-time research experiment, Arbitron has named Pierre Bouvard as president of Portable People Meters and International. At the same time it is integrating two divisions he helped create into another.
It said he has responsibility for the introduction of the Portable People Meter local market ratings services in the United States, in addition to his current responsibilities for PPM marketing abroad. He’ll oversee Jay Guyther, senior vice president of domestic PPM marketing. They’ll target radio and broadcast and cable TV industries as well as ad agencies and advertisers.
Bouvard had been head of Arbitron New Ventures, where he created the Outdoor and Custom Research divisions. These are being integrated into U.S. Media Services, under Owen Charlebois, the president of Arbitron.