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Broadcast Radio Makes Up 61 Percent of Canadian Listening

Streaming audio services garner 9 percent of listening, study says

Broadcast radio still reigns supreme in Canada, as the “Share of Ear: Canada” survey by Edison Research has found that AM and FM radio stations — whether over-the-air or via streaming — make up 61 percent of all listening in the Great White North. Meanwhile, streaming audio services are topping out at 9 percent listening.

“Share of Ear: Canada” was commissioned by Radio Connects, Canada’s radio marketing and advocacy group.

The survey used diary methodology to determine the amount and nature of audio consumed by users in an average week.

In addition to AM/FM and streaming audio services, the survey found that 16 percent of Canadians spend their time listening to their own music collections, 6 percent listening to TV music channels, 4 percent to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and 3 percent to podcasts.

On average, Canadians listen to audio about four hours and 14 minutes a day. Canada’s listening intake for AM/FM stations and amount of listening daily topped the United States, though the country did trail the U.S. in streaming audio services (15 percent for U.S.).

The full report from Edison Research is available here.