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Baker Art Guild Wins CP for FM Station in Oregon

Signal on 89.9 came out of the 2021 NCE filing window

A wooden modeling figure holds paint brushes and appears to wave at the camera.
A photo from the Baker Art Guild Facebook page.

The FCC has issued a construction permit for a new noncom FM station in Baker City, which is in eastern Oregon.

Baker Art Guild emerges the winner from a group of mutually exclusive applications that were submitted during the November 2021 NCE FM filing window.

Also vying were First Baptist Church of Riverview and Idaho Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists Inc.

Because all three proposed to serve the same community, the FCC applied its point system analysis, and Baker Art Guild was the tentative selectee.

Albert Adam David filed an informal objection saying the Baker application should be dismissed because its proposed antenna radiation pattern varies more than 2 dB per 10 degrees of azimuth, between the 40 and 50 degree radials, in violation of FCC rules.

Baker filed a technical amendment, revising the pattern as well as the area size and population that its facility would serve. It said that as a result, it lost a point in the FCC process but still qualified because it had more points than the others.

The commission accepted its amendment and agreed. The FCC now has granted Baker Art Guild a construction permit for a noncommercial station at 89.9 with 280 watts ERP.

The organization started as an artists’ collective in 2008 and incorporated in 2015. It has said it plans programming about arts, heritage and the community, including partnerships with local schools.