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FCC Inspector General Launches Social Accounts

Seeks to raise awareness of its work to combat FCC-related fraud or abuse

FCC logo with Office of Inspector General tatThere are several new social media accounts at the Federal Communications Commission. This is not in itself unusual, but these accounts have been set up by the FCC Office of Inspector General.

Its goal: “to aid in our mission of detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse, and promoting economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the FCC.”

It now has a presence on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook. The first tweets on the OIG Twitter account were sent in late July. The current inspector general is David Hunt.

In a statement, the FCC OIG noted that it is a small office with fewer than 50 full-time employees that “nonetheless is responsible for the oversight of FCC operations and billions of dollars in funds administered through various FCC programs.”

It said recent Covid-19 relief legislation provided additional billions of dollars in funding to the FCC.

“With the expectation that some of these emergency appropriations may become permanent, our need for assistance from the public to help us ensure this money is appropriately disbursed, is at an all-time high.”

The office said it hopes to increase its visibility of our office through social media, expecting that people or entities with helpful information “will come forward to assist us in furthering our mission.”

The OIG encourages people to call 888-863-2244 or 202-418-0473 or email [email protected] if they suspect FCC-related fraud, waste or abuse.