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FCC Taps Florida Station on the Shoulder

Commission’s Enforcement Bureau says WQTL was putting out spurious emissions

FCC, Federal Communications CommissionA Florida radio station has received a notice of violation from the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau for alleged spurious emissions on frequencies beyond the FM band.

The FCC said agents from its Miami office inspected WQTL(FM) in Tallahassee, which is owned by Adams Radio of Tallahassee.

The rules state that any emission on a frequency removed from a station’s carrier by more than 600 kHz must be attenuated at least 43 + 10 Log10 (Power, in watts) dB below the level of the unmodulated carrier, or 80 dB, whichever is the lesser attenuation.

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The FCC noted that WQTL’s effective radiated power is 2250 Watts, so emissions on a frequency removed from carrier by more than 600 kHz must be attenuated by at least 76.52 dB.

The agents found that WQTL’s fundamental frequency, 106.1 MHz, had a signal level of –24.35 dBm. The Enforcement Bureau’s agents said they conducted measurements on spurious emissions from WQTL’s transmitter on two frequencies. Emissions on 121.249 MHz had a signal level of –54.89 dBm, and emissions on 136.41 MHz had a level of –75.50 dBm.

“The spurious emissions identified … have signal levels in excess of the limit for such emissions determined pursuant to Section 73.317(d) of the commission’s rules,” the bureau wrote.

The commission did not say what prompted this inspection. It has asked the station for additional information concerning the finding and any remedial actions taken. It has 20 days to reply.