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Here Are the Latest Call Sign Changes

An Audacy FM in Los Angeles is among those changing their letters

Audacy, KAMP, KNOUThe latest call sign actions report is out.

The Federal Communications Commission issues these regularly. In addition to helping managers keep an eye on the competition, the periodic summaries of recent call sign changes are fun for us radio geeks who love to share the history of various letter combinations and station names.

Just a sampling from the latest report: Audacy (formerly Entercom) changed the calls for FM station KAMP in Los Angeles to KNOU. According to, the station recently rebranded from CHR-formatted “Amp 97.1” to “97.1 Now, LA’s Party Station.”

Lakefront Communications in Milwaukee turned AM station WJYI into WJOI. The station has an interesting call sign history, and its Wikipedia listing indicates that the WJYI call letters and those of co-owned WJOI in Norfolk, Virginia, swapped last month.

And low-power FMs aren’t left out of the action. In Lufkin, Texas, V.E. Leach Ministries renames KEOE as KOWJ.

Read the latest report.