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Hurricane Laura Downs Two Towers in Louisiana

Earliest reports list TV stations KPLC and KSWL as hit

KPLC, Hurricane Laura
KPLC’s crumpled broadcast tower. Photo: Zack Fradella

Two broadcast towers in Lake Charles, La., have been damaged as a result of Hurricane Laura, which made landfall in the early hours of Aug. 27.

There have been multiple reports of damages to the broadcast tower of KPLC-TV, the area’s NBC affiliate, with pictures showing portions of the tower having collapsed. Some reports are indicating there was damage to the STL (studio to transmitter link) and ENG, but that the main tower was OK.

In addition, a representative from the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters confirmed that the LPTV station KSWL-TV, a CBS affiliate, has reported that its tower fell on top of its building.

TV Technology reached out to both KPLC and KSWL to confirm details, but has not received word from either station at the time of publication.

LAB said that it is still gathering information on any other damages.

Reports indicate that wind speeds hit a high of 150 miles per hour when it first made landfall.

This is a developing story. Radio World’s sister publication TV Technology will update as events warrant.