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KBP Facilitates Access to HD Radio Broadcasts

The Association of Philippines broadcasters drives the country’s receiver development forward

Philippines-based firm BeatBoy in collaboration with the association of Philippines broadcasters, Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), and Manilla-based telecom company MegaCellular, unveiled the HDR-101 mobile phone with HD Radio tuner in December 2018.

KBP says it embarked upon the project so that Filipinos could easily listen to digital radio broadcasts. According to the organization, its goal was to make available a mobile device to allow the population to “simply and affordably” obtain digital radio broadcasts.

“We’re hopeful that receivers at this price point will make it more accessible for developing markets to have a digital radio solution,” it added.

The Philippines introduced digital radio broadcasts in Manila in 2009. Today there are eight stations delivering 13 digital audio programs via HD Radio technology. Broadcasters offering digital radio services in the country include Manila Broadcasting, Eagle Broadcasting, RMN, Far East Broadcasting Corp., Rajah Broadcasting and ABS-CBN. In addition, operators have recently launched digital services in other cities such as Davao and Cebu.

KPN adds that the HDR-101 has generated a lot of interest in digital radio solutions overall. “The phone made digital radio listening in the Philippines more attainable. Since its introduction, new product designs and projects have been developed to facilitate digital radio accessibility on mobile devices and in receivers for the home.”