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More Radio Filings Will Go Through LMS

Here's the list, which includes several important types of radio filing

The next time you need to file for an engineering STA with the FCC, take note: That request — and numerous other common radio station filings — will have to go through the LMS system.

Database concept graphic
Getty Images/3alexd

The commission’s Media Bureau on May 17 will expand the list of radio station filings that will be handled through its Licensing and Management System, or LMS, rather than the old Consolidated Database System, or CDBS.

This continues a process that has been ongoing. The majority of Media Bureau applications and submissions have transitioned from CDBS to LMS.

The following must be submitted via LMS starting May 17, according to the latest notice:

  • FM Engineering Special Temporary Authorizations (STAs). This includes STAs for FM stations, FM translators, LPFMs and boosters.
  • Request for Silent STA (AMs and FMs)
  • Extension of STA – Silent. (You can’t use LMS to file for an extension of an STA originally filed in CDBS.  You have to make an original STA request in LMS and attach an explanation.)
  • Extension of STA – Engineering
  • Suspension of Operations Notification
  • Resumption of Operations
  • AM/FM Digital Notification (LMS Form 2100, Schedules 335-AM and 335-FM)
  • Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) Notification (LMS Form 2100, Schedule 338)
  • Change of Primary Station Notification
  • Tolling Notification (LMS Form 2100, Schedule 337)
  • Reduced Power Notification
  • Withdraw Pending Applications

In January the bureau announced that CDBS would no longer accept new filings; at that time it set up a temporary system for email submission of certain filings that could not be submitted using LMS yet. The above now transition over as of May 17.

Applicants must log into LMS using an FCC Registration Number (FRN) and associated password.  The commission has created a help center for the LMS that includes many relevant details. It includes a link called “How Do I submit Common Filings to the Audio Division.”

The Media Bureau also said the LMS system now lets you search by frequency or channel using the “Frequency/Channel” option in Public Search. Existing STA and silent notification records have been added to LMS from the Consolidated Database System (CDBS).