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Nautel Transmission Talk Tuesday Notes Anniversary

One-year anniversary in June for topical transmitter tech webinar

Jeff Welton, Nautel
Jeff Welton

Regular host Jeff Welton said, “When we started these sessions in June 2020, it was a way to stay in touch with our friends in the radio community and keep ideas flowing through the pandemic lockdowns.”

Nautel says that its continuing Transmission Talk Tuesday series of webinars has reached its one-year anniversary.

He added, “We had no idea that our online gatherings would still be in place a year later, or that they would remain as popular as they have been.”

The menu for the beginning of the second year consists of:

  • “How Technology has Changed our Lives,” June 8. Guests — Jim Gray, managing partner for Optimized Media Group and Matt Herdon, product manager, Nautel;
  • “SNMP — How and Why,” June 15. Guests — Josh Bohn, president/CEO, MaxxKonnect Group and Shane Toven, senior engineer, Educational Media Foundation;
  • “STLs — Moving Signals from Here to There,” June 22. Guests — Josh Bohn, president/CEO, MaxxKonnect Group and Alex Hartman, Nautel customer service technologist;
  • “Tips and Thoughts for Contract Engineering,” June 29. Guest — Tom Ray, president of Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting.