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Orbyt Media Will Rep RadioGPT in Canada

Futuri names Orbyt its exclusive rep in the country

Logo of Orbyt Media, a black and white "play" button
Logo of Orbyt Media

Content syndicator Orbyt Media will represent RadioGPT in Canada on an exclusive basis.

Orbyt represents radio talent and services including Ryan Seacrest, John Tesh, Bobby Bones, Alice Cooper, Mario Lopez and Jann Arden.  It also offers imaging, production, show prep and research tools such as Mediabase, Reel World Jingles and Production Vault.

RadioGPT is the AI-based radio content platform introduced earlier this year to much fanfare by Futuri. It uses the generative AI platform GPT-4 combined with synthetic voice creation and an AI-based content discovery and social content system called TopicPulse to create radio content tailored for local markets.

The announcement was made by Orbyt Media Senior Director Jennifer Morrison and Futuri Chief Strategy Officer Tracy Gilliam.

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