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SBE Issues Reminder For C Band Dish Users To Register

Information requested by FCC must be submitted by May 28

There are fewer than three weeks until C Band operators are required to submit information on their use of C Band receive-only station as part of a public notice by the FCC. The Society of Broadcast Engineers has issued a friendly reminder for all of those who may still be outstanding on that request.

The public notice calls for operators of fixed-satellite Earth stations in the C Band that are licensed or registered in the IBFS database must certify the accuracy of all information reflected in the IBFS on their licenses or registrations. However, as the SBE points out, new or modified licenses filed in the C Band filing window of April 19, 2018, to Oct. 31, 2018, are not required to submit certification.

For the rest of the FSS earth station operators — including temporary-fixed or transportable earth stations — certifications must be provided in the form mandated by the FCC. Information required includes call signs, file numbers, applicant or registrant name and a signed certification statement. Temporary-fixed or transportable stations must submit additional information: address where equipment is typically stored; the area in which the equipment is typically used; how often equipment is used; duration of typical use; number of transponders typically used in the C Band; extent of use; and a point of contact.

All earth-station operations, even those exempt from the filing requirement, must update their information in IBFS.

The public notice can be found on the FCC website.

Deadline for submitting information is May 28.