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SWR Opens New Room in Stuttgart

Project includes Avid, Pro Tools, Sequoia and integrator Broadcast Solutions

SWR Radio Play Control Room 5

Above is a look inside the new Radio Play Control Room 2 at the Stuttgart facilities of German public broadcaster SWR.

The image was distributed by Broadcast Solutions, the system integrator working with SWR. It said the broadcaster has been upgrading its Stuttgart location to simplify production and improve its control and studio rooms.

Radio Play Studio 5 is being equipped similar to Radio Play Control Room 2, which was updated earlier.

“The control room is 5.1-capable and includes an Avid S6 console system, Pro Tools and Magix Sequoia as DAW systems, as well as several source feed and effect devices,” Broadcast Solutions said.

“Three studios were equipped with mobile terminal boxes, which offer numerous connection options even for larger setups. The furniture’s overall design supports flexible working methods. Besides the director’s table, which is custom made for the S6 console, there are two additional mobile working tables for editing and production. The mobile tables can be moved and thus arranged according to the requirements of the respective production.”

The company said that by having two similarly equipped rooms, engineers and technicians can work and train more efficiently.

“SWR expects a consistently high level of capacity utilization in the coming years.”

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