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These 19 Applicants Are Closer to a New FM License

FCC names more tentative winners of NCE construction permits

The FCC Media Bureau has chosen another 19 applicants to get new noncom educational FM station licenses. They’re listed below.

These selections are tentative. They’re the next step in the process of settling mutually exclusive (MX) applications that the commission received in its recent filing window for new NCE stations. In total, it must work its way through 231 MX groups. It announced 15 selections in early March.

After a period when applicants can settle among themselves, the bureau then compares applications in each group by doing a “threshold fair distribution of service analysis” to make a tentative selection. Factors include service area population data, Tribal Priority criteria and certifications provided by the applicants.

Petitions to deny them must be filed within 30 days. 

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In all of the following groups, there were either two or three applicants. The tentative selections, as announced by Al Shuldiner, chief of the Audio Division, are:

Group 22: Arizona Western College proposes to serve Quartzsite, Ariz.

Group 25: Good News Broadcasting Network, Inc. proposes to serve Pinon, Ariz.

Group 36: Radio Bilingue, Inc. proposes to serve San Miguel, Calif.

Group 37: Friends of Black Rock High Rock proposes to serve Doyle, Calif.

Group 46: San Tan Educational Media proposes to serve Alma, Colo.

Group 48: Revival Christian Ministries, Inc. proposes to serve Bolton, Conn.

Group 56: Centro Familiar de Restauracion y Vida proposes to serve Eastpoint, Fla.

Group 62: Living Springs Retreat proposes to serve Bowdon, Ga.

Group 77: Faith Lutheran Church proposes to serve Odebolt, Iowa.

Group 99: Krh Educational Foundation proposes to serve Liberal, Kan.  

Group 127: Crossroads Worship Center proposes to serve Hayti, Mo.

Group 129: Delta State University proposes to serve Shelby, Miss.

Group 171: Centro Familiar de Restauracion y Vida proposes to serve Caddo, Okla.  

Group 177: Western Oklahoma Catholic Faith Foundation proposes to serve Elk City, Okla.

Group 182: Growing Christian Foundation proposes to serve Centerville, Wash.

Group 183: Growing Christian Foundation proposes to serve Wishram, Wash.

Group 213: Solid Foundation Broadcasting Corp. proposes to serve Halifax, Va.  

Group 214: Farmville Seventh Day Adventist Church proposes to serve Farmville, Va.

Group 216: Christian Ministries, Inc. proposes to serve Derby Center, Vt.

You can read the details of each selection, and a description of the general process in the FCC order, by downloading this Word document.