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BW Broadcast Has $1,700 DSP FM Processor

BW Broadcast Has $1,700 DSP FM Processor

BW Broadcast based in the U.K. is touting a DSP FM processor that retails for $1,700.
Broadcast Warehouse says the DSPX mini extends a line that includes the DSPX and a new six-band version, the DSPXtra.
“The mini follows the original DSPX with a 4+4 AGC and limiter processing architecture but with a slightly cut-back feature set,” it said in the announcement. The mini lacks the analog and digital outputs of the other processors; it retains the stereo encoder.
The mini is available without multiband processing, typically for stations that process at the studio but put stereo generation and peak control at the transmitter. That version is $1,150.
The company’s high-end offering is the BW Broadcast DSPXtra that includes Ariane RMS leveller and a new six-band limiter section. It retails for $6,799.
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