CBC Dalet System Will Have 2,000 Workstations

CBC Dalet System Will Have 2,000 Workstations
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How would you like to install a digital production and broadcast system with 2,000 workstations?
From the Who's Buying What page of Radio World: CBC/Radio-Canada will deploy what Dalet is calling one of the largest digital production and broadcast systems in the world, across 50 sites. The supplier said CBC/Radio-Canada will use DaletPlus Radio Suite across its national radio networks and said the system will be one of the largest in existence.
The workstations will be deployed during the next year and a half. The digital audio production network will allow the exchange of broadcast material over standard IP networks.
Dalet CEO David Lasry said CBC/Radio Canada is one of the first broadcasters to adopt an enterprise media platform nationwide, "whereby the corporate WAN becomes a core platform for broadcast production and distribution."
Ray Carnovale is VP and CTO for CBC/Radio-Canada.


BNR Expands Dalet Platform

BNR first implemented the Dalet radio system in 1997 at two regional centers. The BNR world service, Radio Bulgaria, implemented Dalet technology in 1998 and, by 2000, all but one of the BNR regional centers had installed Dalet systems.