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CBS Gets Local Answers

Q&A feature added to local CBS websites

CBS’ new “local” websites — its sites handling TV and news, talk and sports radio stations — have added “questions and answers” platforms.

Called “Get Answers,” the concept is to develop locally-oriented forums on various categories, like local businesses, local culture, sports and politics. Content is to be provided by local visitors, who can ask questions and/or provide answers.

President of CBS Local Digital Media Ezra Kucharz put the goal this way: “In a time where it is increasingly difficult for consumers to cull through the endless amount of data available on the Web, we have created a simple way to provide them with the information most important as they go about their day — information from people who live in their neighborhoods and share similar interests.”

There are 24 of these local sites, taking in most every major city. They are built around O&O properties in those cities.