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CBS Radio Uses AnalyticOwl

Seeking to measure radio impact on website traffic

CBS Radio is offering advertisers a measurement tool developed by AnalyticOwl; the companies say the broadcaster’s clients are using it to measure radio impact on website traffic.

The platform, CBS Radio Airtime Analytics, is exclusive to CBS Radio for markets where it operates.

“Airtime Analytics evaluates the volume of audience delivered from an over-the-air radio campaign to an advertiser’s website,” the companies stated in an announcement. “Those valuable insights are then used to optimize creative content and placement throughout the flight of a campaign to maximize results.”

The announcement was made by CBS Radio Chief Revenue Officer Bob Philips and AnalyticOwl founder David Ballinger.

Philips was quoted saying the tool “allows us to finally measure an advertiser’s lift in website traffic following a radio spot. Armed with an analysis of consumer movement, we are then able to give our clients a clear understanding of their most successful creative and daypart executions.”

Ballinger said, “This is the first time a radio company has utilized analytics on a national level.”