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CBS Will Participate in Streaming Ad Exchange

Triton’s a2x platform is in its beta phase

Tools to build advertising in the streaming audio market are proliferating. Now CBS Radio will include its inventory in a new Triton Digital program called “a2x.”

The a2x offering is in its beta phase. It is, according to Triton, “the industry’s only audience-based programmatic buying solution for online and mobile audio ads.”

Advertisers can but targeted online and mobile audio inventory in real time. “The solution provides a system for managing, buying and selling third-party advertising campaigns,” says Triton. “The automated, exchange-driven method of buying and selling ad impressions facilitates increased efficiency, eliminating waste and resulting in the highest price for publishers and the greatest efficiency for advertisers.”

The announcement was made by Triton COO Mike Agovino and CBS Local Digital Media President Ezra Kucharz, who says by joining the exchange, CBS gets additional demand for its inventory.

“Being able to offer agency trading desk access to our inventory in this manner allows us to participate in a new revenue stream targeting mobile and digital budgets,” he was quoted saying in the statement.

CBS streams about 350 stations.