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Cirrus Streaming Adds Daily Analytics Report

Users get fresh stats each morning

Cirrus Streaming has made available a new daily analytics report to its streaming clients.

The emailed report provides streaming stats in the user’s inbox each morning. “See your station’s streaming stats from the previous day without even having to log into your dashboard,” the company wrote to clients.

“This comprehensive report provides a detailed analysis of your station’s streaming data from the previous day, offering valuable insights to help you stay on top of your streaming game. Use the report to make informed decisions and improve your programming.”

Information provided includes total and peak listener sessions, unique listeners, streamed hours, listener sessions by device, top five countries, top five most listened to songs, and total number of ads served.

Users can sign up for it from their Cirrus dashboard. The report also is available for viewing/downloading in the dashboard.

Cirrus Streaming, part of Securenet Systems, provides live streaming and podcasting services to terrestrial and internet broadcasters.

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