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CEA Forming Standards Group to Tackle Distracted Driving

Driver Device Interface Working Group will handle portable, handheld, other CE product use

The Consumer Electronics Association is forming a standards group to reduce distracted driving that results from the use of CE products.

CEA’s Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee approved the formation of the Driver Device Interface Working Group. The group will handle portable and handhelds, as well as CE products used in private and commercial vehicles, boats and aircraft.

CEA President/CEO Gary Shapiro said, “Consumer electronics manufacturers have developed products like GPS and hands-free Bluetooth that reduce the amount of time a driver must look away from the road. It makes sense to encourage development of these technologies rather than to try to regulate every possible distraction.”

This working group will develop personal electronic device recommendations and standards for safe user experiences, and will consider testability as well as design issues. Many CEA member companies make, distribute and sell products aimed at increasing safety and reducing distracted driving, such as apps that track and restrict device usage, technology that follows drivers’ eye movements and systems that issue alarms for lane drifting and automatically apply brakes to avoid collisions.

CEA is looking for participants from technology companies and other organizations for this working group. For more information, contact Laura Knapp Chadwick, senior manager, Government Affairs, or Mike Bergman, senior director, Technology & Standards.

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