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CEA Lays Out Standards

Consumer products industry trade group offers directions for driving safely in cars and IPv6

For most people, the International CES is all about the new goodies — basically a gargantuan Christmas.

But for some it has an additional angle — a trade group gathering where the industry players can work with one another in areas such as setting standards or agreeing on goals.

In that mindset, the Consumer Electronics Association used the show to release a couple technical reports.

One focuses on products and services designed to keep drivers’ eyes on the road. The second concerns IPv6-enabled devices and home routers. The world of “IPv6-enabled devices” is mushrooming and can range from network printers and home alarms to disc players and TVs. It also includes smartphones and digital cameras.

A release explained, “‘CEA-2048, Host and Router Profiles for IPv6’ defines the technical requirements for IPv6-enabled connected devices and home routers. This standard defines necessary feature sets for several levels of IPv6 support, creating profiles for Basic, Basic-plus and Advanced IPv6-capable devices.”

For those interested, the reports are free until Feb. 28. They can be ordered here. The release adds, “Use the following codes to receive a 100 percent discount on the purchase price through Feb. 28: To purchase CEA-2048, use discount code CES2048; to purchase CEA-TR-6, use discount code CESTR6.”