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Chinese Radio Supports DRM

Chinese Radio Supports DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale got a boost from Chinese broadcasters and the government. DRM organized a symposium about digital radio in China last week and said more than 200 Chinese broadcasters participated.
In his opening remarks, Chinese Vice Minister Zhang Haitao said that China is committed to the introduction of digital radio because of its advantages over analog radio: better quality, new services and power savings.
The country’s government is in the process of selecting DRM for use on medium-wave/AM and shortwave. China has conducted DRM tests. DRM says the tests were successful.
During the China meeting, local radio station Zhejiang Radio & TV Group demonstrated DRM with live transmissions, using a new DRM transmitter for shortwave from Thales Broadcast & Multimedia and a Harris DX 10 medium-wave/AM radio transmitter that Harris converted to DRM. Live shortwave DRM transmissions were also conducted usig Thales transmitters. The live transmissions included DRM Deutsche Welle broadcasts from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, shortwave broadcasts from the BBC World Service site in Thailand, operated by VT Merlin Communications and China Radio International broadcasts.
Chinese manufacturer Zhongli also demonstrated a new medium-wave antenna for flat radiation patterns.