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Chrysler Promises In-Car Web Connectivity for 2009 Models

Company aims to turn your car into a hotspot.

Chrysler will offer in-car WiFi connectivity on its 2009 models as an aftermarket option through Mopar, for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

Called uconnect Web, the in-car WiFi capability will essentially turn a vehicle into a “hotspot,” the automaker promises.

Uconnec Web will be offered alongside other technologies called uconnect phone, uconnect tunes, uconnect GPS and uconnect studios.

Uconnect phone uses Bluetooth technology that enables hands-free calling, stores a cell phone’s address book and records memos. Using voice commands, consumers can use the technology to select radio stations and access voice mail.

Uconnect tunes includes a 30-gigabyte hard drive for storing songs from CD or USB memory devices. Drivers can use uconnect tunes to view photos and play movies on the dashboard screen (while the vehicle is in park), according to Chrysler.

Uconnect GPS is a touchscreen navigation system with voice recognition, and uconnect studios is Chrysler’s offering of Sirius Backseat TV.

No prices were announced.