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Clear Channel Radio Calls for New Ratings System; Says Paper Diaries ‘Antiquated’

Clear Channel Radio Calls for New Ratings System; Says Paper Diaries 'Antiquated'

Calling paper diaries, ‘antiquated,’ Clear Channel Radio has challenged the ratings industry to develop a better audience measurement system. The broadcaster has issued a request for proposals to develop a radio ratings system that it says “will accurately and credibly represent radio’s true performance and value to advertisers.”
The point, says Clear Channel, is to try an help radio compete more effectively for ad
Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan said, “Radio is a powerful, effective medium whose influence and reach have been underreported and diluted. “In discussions with other radio groups, it’s become clear that a different approach is needed to find an industry-wide solution. We want to investigate those options.”
A number of recent studies show radio is a superior performer compared to TV and other media, says Clear Channel, citing a study conducted by consumer-research house Millward Brown found that radio outperformed television in driving sales of advertiser products/services by some 49%.
Hogan said results of the diary ratings are received up to a month after the data is collected and the accuracy and credibility of the diary method has come under increasing skepticism over the past several years.
Clear Channel said Arbitron would be invited to take part in the RFP.