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Clear Channel Seeks Higher Limits

Clear Channel Seeks Higher Limits

The FCC is looking at changing radio market definitions as part of revising media ownership rules, suggesting that the current contour overlap method sometimes includes more stations in a market than should be counted. Radio World had reported on that possibility earlier this year.
Recently, FCC Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy suggested that existing clusters may be exempt from the changes. She also raised the possibility there may be divestitures as a result of the rule change, but added that this possibility is not likely.
Clear Channel favors more relaxation, especially in larger markets.
“It’s not in anybody’s interest to turn back the clock to a time when radio stations were gasping for breath, cutting their local news operators and laying off employees,” Clear Channel lobbyist Andy Levin told the San Antonio Express-News. He said in larger markets such as New York, a radio group should be able to own up to 12 stations, up from the current limit of eight stations.