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Club DAB Italia Relies on 2wcom

Network operator rolls out national network with help from FlexNsert+ encoders, FlexXtract+ receivers

Italian network operator Club DAB Italia is relying on technology from 2wcom for the rollout of the country’s nationwide DAB service. According to 2wcom, the technology allows the DAB network to be fed with an ETI stream and distributed over a large geographical area.

The 2wcom FlexNsert+ encoders, which provide the ETI to ASI conversion, and FlexXtract+ receivers with ETI and EDI output, allow for a better distribution infrastructure than the radio links the network operator previously used, explains the firm.

“The system delivered by 2wcom made it possible for us to have a rapid and successful rollout of our national network — one of the largest SFN DAB networks in Europe, currently covering more than 3000 kilometers of highways and major roads in Italy and reaching more than 50 percent of the population,” said Fabrizio Guidi, Club DAB Italia’s president.

The FlexNsert+ DAB+ distribution inserter receives a DAB ETI data stream or a DAB EDI data stream. The FlexNsert+ DAB+ converts the data stream into a standard MPEG2-TS-signal and outputs it via its transport stream interfaces. Additionally, says 2wcom, the FlexNsert+ can act as timestamp inserter for SFN Networks. The generation of timestamps within the MPEG-stream is basis for a synchronized transmission at transmitter sites.

The FlexXtract+ DAB+ distribution extractor demodulates a data stream (2048 kbps) from a DVB-S or DVB-S2 signal and converts the data into a standard ETI-signal or EDI-signal to feed DAB or DAB+ transmitters, it said.