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College Media Are Subject of Spacial Video

What they’re saying about staying relevant in the changing media environment

A video compiled after last month’s National College Media Convention offers a snapshot of attendees’ views, concerns and hopes facing the state of the industry.

It was produced by Spacial Audio Solutions LLC, a radio automation solutions provider. It features about a dozen staff and students of various collegiate-level media outlets.

Common themes included staying relevant in a changing media environment and placing more emphasis on the importance of being a local media source. Concerns among staff included facing tighter budgets and a lack of funds, as well as their stations incurring the sale of its broadcast license.

Some attendees proclaimed the benefits to operating on a collegiate level, such as the freedom to try new formats and expose new artists, and the ability to seek out and interact with undiscovered talent.

Attendee and presenter goals focused on creating a positive relationship with station administration and improving promotional tactics.

Watch the video here.