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Comedy Inspired by Radio Minerva Premieres

“Viva Minerva,” which premiered on July 3rd, will stage 21 performances in July and August

“Viva Minerva,” a comedy inspired by the Antwerp-based crooner format station Radio Minerva is staging performances throughout July and August at the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp. The theater production is written and directed by Jeroen Maes and features actors such as Carry Goossens, Marilou Mermans and Linda De Ridder.

“We bring a tongue-in-cheek behind the scenes view of life at a radio station. Presenters, the station manager, the catering assistant, they all play a role before a backdrop of evergreens, oldies and crooner music,” said playwright Jeroen Maes.

Maes noted that all of the personalities are fictitious and that the station’s crew has simply been used as “a source of inspiration.”

Frank Boekhoff, founder and station director of Radio Minerva, noted that he even assisted in checking technical details in the script writing process.

“Viva Minerva” premiered back on Sunday, July 3rd. For tickets and more information, visit website.

— Marc Maes