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Comic Relief Taps FlashMic

Humor-based charity uses FlashMics to capture celebrities and more.

With Red Nose Day approaching, HHB reports that the Comic Relief media team is using FlashMic digital recording microphones to gather interviews from participating celebrities, members of the public, and from those whose lives are transformed by the work of Comic Relief.

“The FlashMic has been used by Comic Relief to help achieve widespread coverage, which helps us to raise awareness of our campaigns and raise much needed funds in the process,” said Comic Relief Media Officer Lucy McGill.

With a choice of four models available, the FlashMic combines a studio-quality microphone capsule with a broadcast quality Flash recorder to provide radio and print journalists with a compact, convenient recording device.

With no cables to worry about, the FlashMic is also highly durable, has no cables to fiddle with, and includes high speed USB file transfer for easily transferring recordings for editing the field.