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Conclave Looks for New Leader

Executive Director Tom Kay retires

The Conclave is looking for a new leader.

Executive Director Tom Kay is retiring from the teaching organization he helped build over 37 years.

Born as “The Upper Midwest Communications Conclave,” the group was founded in 1976 as a regional gathering of communications professionals. The Conclave conducts seminars throughout the year and makes broadcasting school and baccalaureate scholarships available on an annual basis.

Kay was program director of WJON(AM), St. Cloud, Minn. when he joined the organization’s first advisory board. He left radio in 1979 to join Doug Lee Midwest Promotion in Minneapolis as a promotion associate and Conclave coordinator. He became executive director of The Conclave in 1985.

Kay says the time has come for someone with a fresh vision to nurture, teach and inspire broadcasters and he’s looking forward to retirement.

Conclave Board Chairman Mark Bolke characterized the executive director’s job as that of a chief executive officer for the group. He said the group is looking for someone with sales and fundraising skills to fill the position.