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CP Issued for Las Vegas LPFM

Laportas win permit for 97.9

An LPFM applicant now has a CP to broadcast at 97.9 MHz in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Public Radio won the construction permit to run a low-power FM station, coming out of the recent LPFM application window. It originally had sought another frequency, then filed a requested change in a settlement window. Las Vegas is ranked as radio market number 32, with a metro 12+ population of 1.7 million, though an LPFM signal will not reach many of those. Still, spectrum is scarce in larger markets, so results of the FCC process in such cities will be watched more closely.

In a filing, Las Vegas Public Radio wrote, “We’re here helping to promote Las Vegas public-related issues, local culture, tourism and entertainment world-wide.” It promised to be an outlet for amateur musicians, promote activist programs and serve as a “library of the airwaves.”

According to documents filed with the commission, station President Gregory LaPorta is a senior systems technician with the Clark County district attorney attorney’s office. Vice President Andrew Laporta is a retired juvenile detention teacher for the superior court of Arizona in Mohave County, Ariz.

“Both Laportas have a combined public service of over 15 years and are working aggressively with public employees within the state of Nevada to help educate the public on job opportunities as well as promoting Las Vegas community businesses and tourism in China,” they wrote in a filing; and Gregory Laporta also has “worked closely with local and state law enforcement agencies to help bring mortgage fraud into the national discussion.”