Pokes “Sad Realities” of Working in Radio

“Severe weather is the only time radio is relevant anymore”
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Read “5 Sad Realities of Working in the Dying Radio Business.”

If you have the stomach for it.

The article is a piece by Lydia Bugg on the humor site Cracked; if you work in radio, you probably won’t laugh much. You’ll either be deeply offended or nod along sadly.


-“After high school, I wanted to pursue a career in a stable and thriving industry. So naturally, I chose radio. ‘There are jobs in radio?’ you ask. Not really, but you can still get a degree in it!”

-“It’s surprisingly easy to fake a request show. People mostly call in wanting to hear whatever is most popular —stuff that’s on the schedule to play anyway.”

-“Stations run in little clusters, so you’ll have one building that houses a sports talk station, a lite rock station, a country station and probably some Fox News AM ***. At night and on the weekends, one person monitors all the stations.”

“Severe weather is the only time radio is relevant anymore. ... Basically, working in radio made me a weather deity. So I guess I recommend it. I mean, it’s been around since 1920, so is the industry really dying, or is it an unkillable god-thing?

Humor or truth? Trenchant commentary? Overwrought and simplified? All of the above?

Read the piece here.

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