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Crawford Outlines Cluster Projects

Crawford Outlines Cluster Projects

Crawford Broadcast has purchased Wheatstone Bridge Routers and Generation-6 control surfaces for its Denver, Detroit and Birmingham clusters.
The company’s Cris Alexander said the group will be taking delivery this month and next.
In Denver, CBC is upgrading four on-air studios, replacing 1999-vintage Audioarts boards with Wheatstone G-6 surfaces and converting its infrastructure to the digital Bridge Router.
In Detroit, the company is doing the same with three on-air studios.
In Birmingham, Crawford is building out an all-new 10,000 square-foot studio facility in a recently-acquired building. The new facility will feature one Bridge and five G-6 surfaces plus new Wheatstone Tek Line studio cabinets in 10 of the studios. The new facility will feature separate control rooms for three HD2 formats.
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