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Crown Manages Digital System

Crown Manages Digital System

The new Crown FMX Series Transmitters incorporate the Crown Digital System Management structure.
DSM is a menu-driven digital control system and display, which allows the operator to monitor and set system parameters from the front panel.
The Remote System Management option allows the DSM structure to be accessed by phone and the system is also password protected. The system can evaluated and reset operation parameters via remote and it can alert a remote operator by phone in the event of system faults.
A DSM transmitter can also monitor or control other parameters such as tower lights or fire alarms
Crown FMX Series transmitter models are planned for delivery in the fall and include the FMX 30, FMX 100, FMX 250 and FMX 500. The DSM structure and the RSM option can also be retrofitted to current Crown transmitter models.
For more information contact International Radio and Electronics Corporation/Crown Broadcast in Indiana at (219) 262-8900, fax (219) 262-5399 or visit the Web site at