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DAB Proponents Eye Marriage With Mobile Technology

DAB Proponents Eye Marriage With Mobile Technology

Proponents of DAB, the digital radio technology used in a number of countries, are taking part in a convention in Cannes this month and hoping to convince telecom operators to integrate their digital radio technology with mobile devices.
“The marriage between DAB and the telecom industry is inevitable,” stated WorldDAB President Annika Nyberg. “The technologies are perfectly compatible, economically attractive and promise a long and fruitful relationship.”
The DAB advocacy organization made its comments in preparation for the upcoming 3GSM conference.
“DAB and mobile technology is the perfect match, with a combination of strengths that can present consumers with the ultimate in hand-held devices,” Nyberg stated.
“Such a device can deliver a range of benefits beyond the audio of pure DAB and the established returns of mobile phones. It is not a question of ‘if’ we see the marriage of DAB and mobile telecoms, but when.”
The organization also is discussing the emergence of DMB-T, Digital Multimedia Broadcasting-Terrestrial, using the Eureka-147 DAB technology to deliver mobile video services as well.
DAB is a standard for digital radio that can be heard some 28 countries.