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DAB Tests Begin in the Czech Republic

DAB Tests Begin in the Czech Republic

Eureka-147 tests have started in Prague. The Czech Republic awarded permits to two network operators. Both pilots will last for approximately one month, according to the WorldDAB Forum, which promotes the Eureka-147 technology.
The operators are Teleko s.r.o. and Ceske Radiokomunikace
The trials coincide with a Forum meeting, the first held in an Eastern European country. Teleko is hosting the meeting, with public broadcaster Czech Radio as the lead sponsor. Teleko will simulcast five Czech Radio stations in Band III and transmit a DMB service via the same test network.
The television channel broadcast using the DAB-based DMB technology will be viewed on mobile phones and other portable devices by manufacturers LG, Samsung and Perstel.
Factum Electronics of Sweden is providing the head-end system for DAB and DMB transmission in Prague to Teleko and its partners.
Ceske Radiokomunikace will simulcast three commercial stations via its test DAB network, both in L-band and band III in Prague.