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Daily Radio Feature Encourages Prayer for America

Daily Radio Feature Encourages Prayer for America

“American Inspirations” is a new radio program that encourages Americans to pray for the president and the nation. The daily one-minute feature, which highlights the role played by people of faith in the founding and building of our nation, currently airs on more than 1,000 radio stations.
“American Inspirations” is part of The Presidential Prayer Team, a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort to enlist 1 percent of the population (2.8 million people) to pray daily for the president and our nation’s leaders.
In conjunction with the newly released radio program, The Presidential Prayer Team announced that President George W. Bush was chosen as the recipient of the 2002 American Inspirations Award due to “(the president’s) unwavering emphasis on prayer and reliance on God for the heavy decisions he must make in the world’s most powerful office” after Sept. 11 and as the war on terrorism continues.
The program is available on CD. For more information on the “American Inspirations” radio program call (520) 797-7173 in Arizona or visit