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×, Grace Radio Aim at a ‘Talk TiVo’

They call their new deal an example of cloud recording

The quest for the perfect radio version of TiVo continues.

Michael Robertson of is one guy who thinks it can happen, and he’s very excited about “the first Internet radio that can record and play back any AM/FM talk radio show.” He is touting an announcement that Grace Digital will add to its Internet radios.

Radio World reported on’s aspirations in a recent issue.

The new setup links Internet radios with cloud recording, according to the companies. Robertson says this gives listeners access to record radio shows and play them back on demand.

Grace will ship its radios with a free account on capable of recording about 70 hours of talk shows, which can be played back as desired, and interactively — meaning the user can rewind, fast forward and pause.

The company posted this video to show how it works.

“For the 53 million Americans who listen to talk radio each week, they can now have all their favorite shows recorded every day and available at their schedule not the broadcasters,” Robertson wrote in an e-mail to trade journalists.

“The program guide has thousands of radio shows including all of the top 100 such as NPR’s ‘All Things Considered,’ ‘Morning Edition,’ Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and more now all available for free on demand.”

Grace makes wireless Internet radios and outdoor audio products. The company says this new deal is exclusive.

“Every Grace Digital Audio wireless Internet radio now comes equipped with a free Digital Audio Recorder or account,” it stated.

A lineup of hosts is here.

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