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DeutschlandRadio to Broadcast DRM Signals

DeutschlandRadio to Broadcast DRM Signals

DeutschlandRadio’s live, daily Digital Radio Mondiale broadcasts on the medium-wave/AM band will be a part of DRM’s inaugural broadcasts event on June 16. The event will take place at the Ch√Ęteau de Penthes in Geneva, during the International Telecommunications Union’s World Radiocommunication Conference.
The DRM system is terrestrial digital radio for long-wave, medium-wave/AM and shortwave.
Several broadcasters, including Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherlands, Swedish Radio International, will transmit local, national and international DRM broadcasts simultaneously. DeutschlandRadio’s test transmissions have been part of DRM’s field tests process since 2001.
The DeutschlandRadio DRM broadcasts on medium-wave 855 (2.7 kW) will reach Berlin and its surrounding regions, as well as parts of Central Europe.