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Digital Disco on Shortwave

Miami-based station reaches disco music fans in Europe and North America with DRM

A Miami-based disco music station can now be heard across Europe and North America via digital shortwave.

The Disco Palace, self-described as “a chic, stylish radio station,” is using Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) technology to broadcast high-quality music programs on shortwave.

Transmission services are being provided by TDF, with the North American broadcasts originating on 17755 kHz from Montsinéry, French Guiana, and the European ones on 6015 kHz from Issoudun, France. TDP is handling technical services for The Disco Palace.

The station is owned by Alyx & Yeyi LLC.

Programming for The Disco Palace consists of disco music from the 1970s and 1980s or music closely related to disco, including disco house, euro disco, eurobeat, eurodance, funk, italo disco and rap. All songs appeared in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, the U.K. Singles Chart or the Dutch Top 40.

DRM Consortium Chair Ruxandra Obreja welcomed the station’s launch, saying, “We need more and more good content on DRM from around the world. A specialist Disco music station will only delight audience and please DRM enthusiasts who like to listen to good music in great digital quality.”