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Dishtronix Acquires Ten-Tec

A new day for the transceiver manufacturer?

Boutique electronics manufacturer Dishtronix has acquired the assets of amateur radio equipment maker Ten-Tec from RKR Designs.

This is the second change of ownership within a year for what is left of the well-known transceiver company.

Dishtronix owner Steven “Mike” Dishop, N8WFF, expressed a deep interest in resurrecting the Ten-Tec legacy and said he wasn’t looking for a quick flip but rather he is involved for the long-term. He is a ham himself.

Dishop said, “Although Ten Tec has changed hands several times in the last couple of years, I would like to state that Ten-Tec has changed hands for the last time in the foreseeable future. Dishtronix has been continuously operating for 17 years, is financially stable and will continue managing in a manner that promotes and maintains fiscal responsibility and financial stability. My vision as the owner is strictly long term. I have no plans to leave this business and will continue to operate Ten-Tec as long as I am physically able to do so.”

He added, “When I have capacity the next step is to run the first batch of Omni 7+ which is the Omni 7 with some minor cosmetic changes and improvements … Following this we are releasing the Super Eagle which brings into the Eagle most of the DSP features found on the Orion II and is the first step on the path to the Orion III … There are no firm dates or guarantees for when these things will occur.”

There are no current plans to move Ten-Tec from its eastern Tennessee location.

Dishop plans to use the Dayton Hamvention in May for a debut of the new Ten-Tec. More information is available at the Ten-Tec website.