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dMarc, iBiz to Offer PDA, Palm Data

dMarc, iBiz to Offer PDA, Palm Data

Another business initiative is going after PDA and Pocket PC users.
Data services management and wireless data distribution company dMarc Networks is partnering with iBiz Technology Corp. to send data over FM and AM subcarriers with PDA FM radio receiver cards from iBiz. iBiz makes digital expansion cards and Compact Flash FM radios for personal digital assistants.
The companies say the technology offered means more than 20 million PDA and Pocket PC users would be able to receive continuous and customized real-time information to Palm and PocketPC PDAs via the iBiz Pocket Radio.
The proposed initial data services will include channels of local and national information such as sports, weather, news, traffic, text messages, advertisements, and in certain markets, Amber Alert. Consumers can customize the device to receive information only relevant to them.
The companies said, “For example, in addition to obtaining scores from favorite sports teams, users will be able to receive the weather and traffic data no matter their geographic location. The information is automatically downloaded based on the location of the PDA user.”
dMarc will be able to deliver programming and advertising in color depending on the PDA model.
The partnership with iBiz uses dMarc’s Dynamic Radio Data Service technology that provides visual text displayed information to RDS-enabled car radios. dMarc says it’s reaching 20 million vehicles through viewable text on car radio LCD and LED screens.