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DRM and Voice of Vietnam Hold Workshop

VoV seeking broadcasting service that can be offered to entire country

The Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium and Voice of Vietnam held their first digital radio workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 10.

VoV is exploring ways of covering the entire coastal country, made up of many towns and villages, with broadcasting services that can be viewed by the entire population in an energy-efficient way.

“VoV is the largest public station in Vietnam covering the entire country with radio programs in analog mode,” said Ngyuen Dang Tien, president of VoV. “In our radio digitization process we are looking at the most effective ways to cover both large cities but also regional town and villages over large and geographical diverse territories. We wish to understand the full potential of DRM and the way it could ensure the full and cost-effective coverage of our large country.”

DRM Consortium members, including Fraunhofer IIS, Ampegon and GatesAir supported the workshop.