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DRM Holds Live Demo in Tanzania

During the trial, transmitters on Ascension Island beamed the signal to a receiver in Dar es Salaam

Digital Radio Mondiale was on hand for the 10th Southern African Development Community Digital Broadcasting Migration Forum, which took place Dec 2–3 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Radu Obreja, DRM marketing director, and Lucky Mbiko, representing Radio Pulpit and the DRM Southern Africa Platform, provided information and presented a live DRM broadcast to more than 60 participants.

The demonstration consisted of a live shortwave DRM BBC transmission relayed by Babcock International via transmitters on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean that beamed the digital signal to a DRM AV-DR-1401 receiver in Dar es Salaam, some 6,000 kilometers away.

The theme of the SADC forum, which was hosted by the government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, was “Digital Broadcasting Dynamics: Building a Sustainable Future.”