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DRM Plans For Big Receiver Push at Upcoming European Shows

DRM Plans For Big Receiver Push at Upcoming European Shows

As more HD Radios come on the market this fall, so too will Digital Radio Mondiale-capable radios for short-wave, medium-wave/AM and long-wave. While software and high-end DRM-capable receivers have been on the market, what marketers are billing as the first affordable consumer-grade Digital Radio Mondiale-capable radios are expected to be on display at Europe’s media exhibitions IFA and IBC in September.
The hardware release will coincide with commercial and public broadcasters announcing new and extended DRM broadcasts.
Texas Instruments and RadioScape will unveil several manufacturers’ multi-standard consumer receivers with DRM, Eureka-147, FM, RDS, LW, MW and SW capabilities based on TI’s DRM350 multi-standard digital radio baseband.
Coding Technologies, AFG Engineering GmbH and Himalaya (Power) Electronics will present a DRM-capable radio based on Analog Devices’ Blackfin.
While DRM currently covers the broadcasting bands below 30 MHz, the DRM consortium voted in March to extend the system to the broadcasting bands up to 120 MHz. While DRM and the World DAB Forum work together on some projects, the extension of the DRM system (to the broadcasting bands up to 120 MHz) is being conducted solely by the DRM Consortium. The design, development and testing phases of DRM’s extension are expected to be completed by 2007-2009.