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DRM to Extend Capability, Combine Hardware Efforts With Eureka-147

DRM to Extend Capability, Combine Hardware Efforts With Eureka-147

Could Ibiquity be shut out of digital radio in Europe? The backers of two technologies, Digital Radio Mondiale and Eurkeka-147, are closing ranks and combining efforts.
The members of the Digital Radio Mondiale consortium have decided to extend their digital radio technology, which now covers shortwave, AM and long-wave, up to 120 MHz. The DRM consortium also plans to combine efforts with the World DAB Forum, promoters of Eureka-147 technology, on some projects.
Although the World DAB Forum and DRM announced their cooperation at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin in 2003, now they’ve solidified their plans.
DRM says it will begin work on its band extension project immediately and expects the design, development and testing phases to be completed by 2008-2010.
In a statement, both technology backers said, “This landmark decision will enhance the range of digital radio solutions offered by the DRM consortium and the World DAB Forum, which work together on projects of mutual interest. In combination with one another, the digital systems of the World DAB Forum and DRM will provide tailor-made solutions – even in the same bands.”
DRM Chairman Peter Senger said Eureka-147 “has established itself as a successful solution for the higher-frequency bands in many countries, and broadcasters are increasingly implementing DRM for the medium-wave and short-wave bands. DRM’s expansion into the broadcasting bands up to 120 MHz will supplement these existing solutions.”