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EAS Changes Proposed by SBE, NWS

EAS Changes Proposed by SBE, NWS

The FCC seeks comment on amendments to the Part 11 Rules governing the Emergency Alert System requested by the National Weather Service and the SBE.
The commission proposes to amend Part 11 to: (1) increase from 15 minutes to 60 minutes the relay window within which Required Monthly Tests of the EAS must be retransmitted; (2) reduce the required modulation level of EAS codes from 80% to 50% of full channel modulation limits; (3) delete references to the Emergency Action Notification network, and (4) eliminate the requirement that international High Frequency broadcast stations purchase and install EAS equipment.
The FCC also invites comment on requests that the commission amend Part 11 to add a protocol for the transmission of text information following the EAS alert; amend the list of state and local EAS event codes to add new event codes for emergency conditions not currently addressed; amend the list of location codes to include new codes for marine areas; permit the carriage of audio of Presidential messages from non-EAS sources; and allow equipment manufacturers to include an optional feature in EAS equipment that would give EAS participants the capability to select only certain received EAS messages for processing.